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Welcome to RSTA


Congratulations to all our teaching colleagues who have just retired.  RSTA applauds the sterling service you have given throughout your teaching careers but especially during the extraordinarily difficult circumstances which the current pandemic has visited upon our school communities.  You have made us proud to be associated with this profession.  We wish you many years of happy and fulfilled retirement.

We are delighted to welcome those of you who have already registered with RSTA.  We hope that you will encourage your fellow retirees to join with us in the same spirit of solidarity which sustained us all during our teaching careers.

We are hopeful that branch social events and outings will gradually become a part of our lives during the coming months.  In the meantime, to get a flavour of what the RSTA is about in more 'normal' times we direct new members to recent issues of the RSTA Newsletter on the NEWS page of this website.


A general round increase in annualised basic salary for all public servants of 1% or €500, whichever is greater, will be paid on October 1st 2021. A further 1% increase is due to be paid in October 2022.  Both of these increases will also apply to pensions.

We refer members to the September 2021 issue of ASTIR (Page 10) for informarion on negotiations on the use of the Sectoral Bargaining Fund which is provided for under the Building Momentum agreement.

The text of the Agreement together with a Frequently Asked Questions document are available to read and download at the following links:  Building_Momentum.pdf         FAQ.pdf