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Report from Retired Workers' Committee of ICTU

The Biennial Conference of the Retired Workers' Committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions took place in September in 32 Parnell Square.  A new officer Board and Committee were elected for the next two years.

The Secretary reported on the Biennial Conference of ICTU held in Belfast, 20th July 2013 at which a motion on the status of retired workers in the trade union movement, submitted by RWC, was adopted.  A review is to be undertaken by Congress on the implementation of this motion.  The RWC has been campaigning

for a greater role for retired workers within each union and have called on the Executive Council to facilitate greater participation by retired workers in the committees of Congress. It is no longer acceptable that decisions affecting pensioners should be taken without any consultation with or input from them. The Workers' Committee has written to Congress asking them to speed up the work of the review body and asking for a seat for retired workers on the various Congress Committees, especially on the Public Services Committee.  A response is expected at the December meeting.

It was also decided to bring forward proposals to the next meeting in December to strengthen our lobbying skills.

The Annual Joint Meeting of the North/South Retired Workers Committee was held in Liberty Hall on 19th November 2013.  The outcome of the Congress motions on the status of retired workers was on the agenda and the Northern Committee joined with us in keeking its rapitd implementation.

(25 November 2013.  RSTA representatives on RWC: Henry Collins, Carmel Heneghan, Marie Doyle, Ger O'Donoghue and Susie Hall.)