About RSTA

RSTA is a voluntary organisation serving retired secondary teachers in Ireland since 1962

Newly retired secondary teachers find in the RSTA an important point of contact with colleagues who have already experienced the change in circumstances of moving from full-time teaching into retirement.Through its network of branches across the country RSTA organises events and travel at home and abroad that enrich the personal lives of members and foster our interest in and commitment to learning.  

The RSTA Newsletter and website are sources of information on areas of public policy relevant to retired teachers.  

The Association liaises with kindred organisations and is a voice specifically to represent retired secondary teachers in the public advocacy of retired people.

The aim of the Association is to promote the wellbeing of retired second level teachers by pursuing the following objectives:

  1. to advance the welfare of retired second level teachers and in particular to protect pension entitlements on the principle of parity with teaching salary, equitable taxation and social protection measures;
  2. to provide a point of social contact for retired second level teachers by facilitating members in sharing their talents and interests, utilising their specialist expertise and working together for the mutual benefit of members;
  3. to disseminate among retired second level teachers information and expert opinion on matters affecting them;
  4. to provide a forum for analysis and debate and formulation of responses to developments that impinge on the lives of retired second level teachers.

RSTA promotes these objectives through pubic advocacy independently and in association with teacher and public service unions and by liaising with kindred organisations.

Organisational Structure

  • The RSTA is a voluntary national organisation with a branch network.
  • The governing body of the Association is the National Conference.
  • The Annual National Conference elects from amongst the general membership a President, Vice President, National Secretary, National Treasurer and seven other members who form the National Committee.


Membership of RSTA is open to all retired second level teachers. Membership is granted on completion of the RSTA Application Form and the payment of the annual membership fee to the National Treasurer.  Members choose the branch of the Association they wish to join.


The Association is funded by an annual membership subscription. Subscriptions are paid directly to the National Treasurer; a portion of subscription income is retained by the National Committee and the balance is allocated to the branches on the basis of the number of members in the branch.

RSTA Rules and Constitution

Click on the link to read the Rules and Constitution as approved at the RSTA National Convention 2019:

Our Logo

The National Committee had for some time recognised the need for a logo which would clearly establish the unique identity of the RSTA.  The 50th anniversary year seemed an opportune time to act and the decision was taken to engage the services of west of Ireland firm  Avenir to design a logo which would represent the values and aspirations of our organisation as we look forward to the next 50 years of growth and development for RSTA.   A questionnaire from Avenir which sought to establish what RSTA was about was circulated and the collated responses provided the direction to Avenir for the creation of the new design.



Avenir have suggested the following description of the logo:

“The RSTA logo is understated in style and hopes to communicate simply and intuitively the values which RSTA aspires to represent.  The main focus is on the acronym RSTA with a tagline in lower prominence to the right.  Drawing lightly on the torch symbol from the original RSTA website, the new logo suggests a flame rising from the “t”, the only character rising above the level of the others.  A lowercase typeface was selected for its approachable and informal character.  The dark blue hints at traditional, educational values.  The blue letters frame the warm, light-giving, and dynamic qualities of the deep orange colour to indicate the friendship and life enhancing aspects of RSTA membership.”